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With the medical abortion method (often referred to as the abortion pill), a pill (Mifeprex) is given to stop further growth of the pregnancy and a second medicine (Misoprostol) is given later to cause the pregnancy to be expelled. Except in rare cases, no surgical procedure is needed. If a surgical procedure becomes necessary, there will be no additional charge.Get ABORTION PILLS IN KENTUCKY

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The advantage of medical abortion is that you can avoid having a surgical procedure, and you may go through the process in the comfort of your own home. Many women prefer taking the abortion pill, because they will not have to bring a driver with them. This allows them to complete the abortion process without having to involve a friend or family member.

The advantage of the abortion pill is that it is a slower process that occurs over a few days. Although medication abortion is a highly effective technique, you can do abortions at your home or office on your own.

Instructions for taking the CYTOTEC (MISOPROSTOL) Tablets

Have something to eat prior to taking the Misoprostol. If you wish, you may use pain reliever approximately 30 minutes before letting the tablets disolve. You should have your pain RX filled prior to taking Misoprostol.

1.    Take the 4 tablets from the bottle labeled Cyctotec or Mifepristone and insert 2 tablets on the inside of your mouth between your cheek and gum. The tablet may not dissolve completely. Swallow any remaining tablets after 30 minutes.

2.    Expect cramping and bleeding for the next 1-10 hours.

3.    Get up slowly from a sitting or lying down position‚ĶMisoprostol can cause dizziness.

4.    Eat lightly and drink plenty of fluids. Avoid alcohol and caffeine.

5.    Continue to use pain reliever as directed for cramping.

6.    Monitor your bleeding.

7.    Contact the clinic for excessive bleeding, pain, concerns, or questions.

Summary of Medication Intake

Day 1    Mifepristone Pills (RU-486): This is the start of the abortion process.

Day 2    Misoprostol (Cytotec)

Day 9 or Day 10   if a miscarriage has NOT occurred, you may need more Misoprostol pills or have a surgical abortion.

Managing Possible Side Effects of Misoprostol

Drink plenty of fluids and eat lightly the day before and the day you take the Misoprostol pills. Misoprostol may cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, so you need to drink lots of fluids. Spicy or fried foods worsen the distress.

If Cramping Should Occur:

The cramps may be quite strong. Cramps are worse when your stomach is empty. Be sure to eat lightly and drink fluids.

Take the pain pills we prescribed a half hour before you insert the misoprostol pills.

Take as directed for pain relief.

You may use a heating pad or hot water bottle if bleeding is not heavy.

You do not need to call to tell us you are having pain, because it is a normal part of the process.

You may also take 600-800 mg of Ibuprofen every 4 hours in addition to the pain pills.

Do not take aspirin, as it can increase your bleeding. Cramping becomes milder after the passage of pregnancy tissue, in most cases.