Cancellation Policy

If you bought any online product from, then you can cancel it anytime by following our procedures. Here we are going to mention some Cancellation Policy points that you need to take care of while canceling your ordered products. The points are mentioned below:

  • If you do not like our product or you want to cancel it, then you need to cancel it before two hours of ordering.
  • If you cancel it after shipping or after one or two days of order, then we are not responsible for refunding you any amount. Therefore we suggest you cancel the product (if required) before 2 hours of order completion.
  • Once you cancel your ordered product, then only 50% of the amount will be refunded for the purchase. This rule will be applicable only if you cancel the product before two hours of purchase from our online medical dispensary.
  • We suggest you provide a complete and correct shipping address so that the product reaches you on time without getting delayed for the address finding issues.
  • When you order the products, make sure you enter correct personal information as well, like name, email, and address, zip codes, etc. so that you would not find any difficulty in receiving the product.