Generic Mifeprex Miferstone 200mg

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Mifepristone, also known as RU-486, is a medication typically used in combination with misoprostol to bring about abortion during pregnancy. This combination is 97% effective during the first 63 days of pregnancy. It is also effective in the second trimester of pregnancy.

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Mifepristone Pills for Abortion or Miscarriage

‚ÄĒ Used before misoprostol, a 25% higher rate of complete expulsion



Number of packets

1, 4, 8

  1. Donah Bassett

    I was very scared of pain that would happen in medical abortion so I kept a pain killer along with me. After taking the first pill I did not observe any pain but soon after taking the second pill severe bleeding and pain started so I took the pain killer and got relief. And finally after 2 days the bleeding got normal.

  2. Michael Meade

    I followed all the protocols properly with great care and terminated my pregnancy.happy with the result.

  3. Betsy Norton

    Great experience never thought abortion would be so easy without any surgery. Believe me its a good choice if you are scared to go for surgery.

  4. Andrea Carter

    The pills are very effective, I got it from this website they are very much helpful in delivering the pills on time. Thanks

  5. Mandy Ketcheson

    The parcel arrived in discreet packaging which was a very good idea so that no one can identify what is there inside. A good idea to end the pregnancy in privacy.

  6. Freddie Beldam

    I was pregnant and I didn’t have a clue what to do so my companion educated me regarding this site. I saw everything and placed the order here and got my package. if you are pregnant and want to abort the pregnancy then simply ignore everything and place the order from this website.

  7. Freddie Beldam

    The packaging was very nice it was in discreet packaging so no one understood that it was abortion pills. Thanks..i ended my pregnancy in privacy.

  8. Michael Solinger

    My sister and my best friend both used this abortion and this time it was me who used it and I found this to be very secure, safe, and effective thanks a lot.

  9. Mary Buri

    I took mifeprex during the first week of my pregnancy and I got it terminated easily. Surely recommended.

  10. Michael Lerman

    I was worried that will medical abortion work for me but yes it did. It is very simple process and you can easily choose it over surgical abortion.

  11. Natalie Cordray

    Mifeprex is the best abortion pill so far. I have got effective results whenever I have used it. I have also recommended it to my female friends.

  12. Katherine Tibbetts

    Genuine websites and effective medicines were shipped to me in a span of 10 days. Amazing!

  13. Liz Gruszka

    I and my husband made it for the pregnancy but unfortunately, I began to face some medical issues due to which I was told to abort the pregnancy as it was not good for me and the baby too. So I opted for medical abortion and ended my pregnancy with ease.

  14. Alixandra Petrovich

    I ordered Mifeprex from this website, the delivery was very quick and the pills showed me desired result, I successfully had an abortion. Thanks a lot !

  15. Michael Barnett

    Good website to buy the Mifeprex pill. It is really very effective.

  16. Alaina Neumann

    Mifeprex the best pill I felt to terminate early pregnancy easily

  17. Tricia Wood

    Thanks for sharing the details and explaining the procedure. I understood it very well thanks again

  18. Janae Parker

    My order was quickly placed and shipped in a day during overnight shipping. Thanks for keeping this overnight shipping facility.

  19. Paula Gonzalez Abad

    Hi just got my package and thanks for advancing the shipment. Got the parcel within 3 days, ordering from this website is so easy and swift. Thank you once again!

  20. Jan Blazicek

    Best pills for ending the pregnancy. Surely recommended

  21. Ben Harrison

    Great services offered by this website. I got my order within 4 days through overnight shipping. Thanks for such great service offered.

  22. Andy Mistelbacher

    Risk-free transactions and great services offered. I definitely suggest this website to every woman who is planning to end the unwanted pregnancy.

  23. Teresa Orlando

    Overnight shipping is the best forte of This particular thing helped me a lot in my successful abortion.

  24. Roxana Alexandru

    Thanks a lot, yes I have got my full order. I have used other online pharmacies but you are the best among all of them! Thank you once again for an excellent product & service.

  25. Yolanda Mercadel

    I placed an order from this website. They are really very genuine. Thanks for sending me the pills on time.

  26. Renee Prudhomme

    My sister and my friend both have used this abortion pill and they had a safe abortion. Thanks for helping us.

  27. Lilly

    Thanks a lot for giving my package in discreet packaging. It saved me from letting anyone know about my abortion process.

  28. Gina Bright

    Customer care, logistics, and expertise ‚Äď you will receive everything at your fingertips for an abortion pill purchase online.

  29. Frederica

    Professional at the same time understanding. Thanks for the quality Mifeprex pills.

  30. Stephanie

    Efficient communication, they delivered the correct pills in discreet packaging. Their technical support is quite reliable.

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